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Use a pedometer for walking as a distance calculator

A pedometer for walking is a portable device, electronic or electromechanical that counts a person’s footsteps by sensing the motion of his/her hips. This count could be converted into the distance covered by the person by knowing the length of his/her usual stride. Pedometers act as a motivation tool for those who want to increase their physical activities which result in the reduction of blood pressure and body mass index. You may wear a pedometer for walking throughout the day; so that the total steps taken are counted. Or you wear it only when you go out for your daily walk schedule. Pedometers could be worn on your waist (either side of the body), underwear or sock. It is recommended that for health you have to make 6,000 steps and for weight loss 10,000 steps/day.

All types of pedometers count steps, but they do so using various methods. You can buy more than hundred types of pedometers from the market, available in all shapes like oval, square and round. It is possible to buy a pedometer that uploads your walking data and shows charts and graphs of your activity. You can make purchase of all brands of pedometers at sporting-goods stores and very big retail outlets. Look for pedometers with good reviews. Get all the details of the pedometer you are interested in and ascertain whether you can return it in case it has some faults, no matter what you buy. You can find some reliable online vendors that sell genuine pedometers. You may purchase them by placing order at those online stores. Better buy pedometers with a safety strap or leash that can loop around a belt to prevent them from falling.

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Features of a walking pedometer

Among the various brands available, the Omron Go Smart Pocket Pedometer HJ-112 has been found to be the ‘best tested’ by both clinics and consumers. Omron-112 walking pedometer counts both slow steps and fast strides accurately. It uses duel accelerometers and remains accurate in shirt pocket, bag or on the hip. This pedometer for walking tracks aerobic steps, distance and calories even and so most users have only praise for it. This is the only pedometer with a wealth of owner-written reviews (over 3,481 reviews) that you can buy from leading online/offline stores.

Here are some of the pros of Omron Pocket Pedometer HJ-112: This pedometer senses accurately while in your pocket, purse or belt. Even visually impaired persons can make use of it due to a large display for them. Not only steps, it calculates distance and calories as well. Its light weight enables it to be used easily with just four big front buttons. This walking pedometer has its cons also. It is so sensitive that when you ride a car on a road, not so smooth enough, it will count the vibrations as steps. The manual states that it does not record accurately while walking in crowded places like a mall etc. Another complaint is the cradle and clip provided do not give adequate safety to the unit.

If you want to purchase a pedometer for walking that counts only steps, the Yamax Digi-Walker SW-200 is more compact with a long-lasting battery. The latest model pedometers, you can buy on, uses turned pendulum technology, accelerometers and/or electronics for counting steps.