How to use a Pedometer

Recent studies have shown that people who are sedentary and mostly riding in the car, the most susceptible to chronic diseases, obesity, high blood pressure, difficulty breathing and headaches. You consider yourself at risk? We’ll show you how to rid yourself of the troubles with his health.

Need to move as much as possible with a walking pedometer!

It is recommended to do during the day 10,000 steps, but studies show that we are doing basically 5000 steps. And for all you need to do weight loss steps 12000-15000. The complex arithmetic, even more so, if all this in your head? Yes it is! There is a great device – pedometer, it accurately measure all of you made the day moves.

Should such a device an average of $25, but there are “advanced” model. Here are some common features:

  • Determination of the distance and speed (calculated from the average step size, or using GPS, more accurately)
  • Definition of calorie consumption (calculated after the introduction of weight)
  • Stopwatch
  • Pulsometer
  • Steps per minute
  • Connecting to a computer that allows you to upload information to your computer and build schedules. Hinged lid (not to accidentally press the button)
  • Itself is the main “feature”, which should have either a pedometer – it is easy to use and small size. It is best to wear a pedometer at the waist in front, in line with the knee.

Use this device is not difficult, but the benefit is not small, because you can control yourself very well and motivate an active lifestyle. Make a few extra steps a day is not too difficult and does not take much time, but did you know the daily rate still needed! Here are some recommendations to increase the number of steps:

  • Do not park in front of the entrance. You can add a hundred yards, leaving the car away from work or shop entrance.
  • Play with your children, this is easy and fun, and the steps to add exactly.
  • Forget the elevator. Walk up the stairs is not difficult, especially at home or to visit, and the number of steps, again, is growing.
  • Walk around briefly. You stand at the bus stop or train station? Why, nothing, stop and walk along the close, thus the norm.
  • Clean the house. Cleaning – a great excuse to go!
  • Walk. Beautiful weather outside? So what’s to stay home, take a walk!

If you’re a gambling man, using a walking pedometer just add to your life competitive note. Indeed, so anxious to make a daily rate, when you like about this device!

HOW TO USE a Pedometer

• Housing pedometer is easy to open that will allow you to
view information about your workout, or click on the button
functions, while the pedometer is attached to the belt.
Note: Make sure that the case is closed before you start
exercise, a pedometer to work properly.
• Open the clip on the back of the pedometer.
• Place the pedometer in his belt, or a belt as much as possible
closer to the pelvic bone and release the spring clip to secure it.
• Make sure that the pedometer during exercise was well secured