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Omron Pedometers are one of the most accurate and popular!

omron hj-112 digital

Staying in shape is something everyone loves along with working out, having the right workout tools is also necessary for those who want to achieve a desired body structure. A digital pedometer is the very first equipment that fitness enthusiasts should have if they believing in walking to shape up their body. Pedometer for walking is an amazing device that would help you to stay healthy and fit. This device will count your steps and help you monitor the amount of workout you put in to burn out the calories. Pedometers are manufactured and marketed by various brands and among all of them Omron pedometers are probably the best so far. Omron digital pedometers feature the combination of style, accuracy and quality and hence gain a huge amount of advantage over the others.

Most popular models of Omron Pedometers

Omron Digital Pedometer model HJ 112 Review

This specific piece of hardware features a dual axis technology which once again ensures the counting of steps in a very accurate and quiet manner. Dual axis technology also ensures that the steps are counted properly even when they are placed in a horizontal or vertical manner. Digital pocket pedometer also features a daily midnight resetting functionality along with the capability to store information up to seven days. Another exciting feature is its six different tracking modes, like… track steps, steps that are aerobic in nature, distance, time, calories burned and fat.

One of the main advantages is that, it has an accurate sensing capability when it is on your belt, pocket or even in your purse.

The display screen is once again very comfortable to work with.
Features a 7 day information storage capability so you never loose your performance logs.

It also calculates the calories that you burn and the measurement of the distance.

This Omron digital pedometer is very light in weight which makes it more convenient to carry around; it is also very easy to handle with just as few as 4 buttons on the front.

The high sensitivity of this product leads to over counting at times. Any kind of vibrations with it on might register as a step also the cradle and clip provided isn’t decent enough which raises security concerns.

Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer Review

There are many different reasons why shoppers should select the HJ 720ITC pocket pedometer from Omron out of all the other varieties available in the market.

One of the reasons the 720ITC pocket pedometer is so ideal because it is equipped with an advanced measuring system. Thus, the amount of movement that counts as a pace can be effectively calculated with this digital pedometer. Thus, the steps that have been taken by a walker and the distance covered by the walker is quite accurately tracked by this pedometer.

The data download facility of this Omron HJ-720ITC pocket pedometer is complimented by the Omron Health Management Package software that is exclusively provided by Omron for this pedometer. When it comes to keeping track of data collected over several days, this software proves to be quite useful.

As can be judged from the name of this pedometer device, it is designed to conveniently fit in a pocket and, therefore, has a compact size.

A typical problem that several users faced when using this pedometer is the failure of the data transfer feature. Many of them tried to remove the battery or use the reset button; however, they were not able to reset the data. Some customers even complained that the battery did not last as long as they had expected, nonetheless, they were overall quite satisfied with the Omron HJ-720ITC pocket pedometer.

Omron Pocket Pedometers

Omron HJ-150 Hip Pedometer Review

The HJ-150 hip pedometer is another excellent pedometer model from Omron and it offers several excellent benefits.

A majority of customers who have used this hip pedometer have considerably appreciated it. Most of them claim that they found it very easy to see the numbers displayed because of their large size. The HJ-150 hip pedometer can be immediately used right after it has been removed from its box and the current time has been set. Even the size of this hip pedometer is quite compact and ideal. The steps and distance covered by walkers over the course of a couple of days is accurately recorded by this pedometer.

While most customers have noted the accuracy of this hip Omron digital, however, others have even found find inconsistent too. Others have said that this pedometer is only suitable for those who intend to continuously walk.

Thus, it is apparent that these two unique Omron pedometers have their own distinct strong points and minor drawbacks. Thus, whether fitness enthusiasts want to get the Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer or the Omron HJ-150 Hip Pedometer, they can choose to buy them from a local retailer or order them online.

Omron HJ-151 Hip Pedometer for Aerobic Activity Review

With hip Omron pedometer you can set up goals like 10,000 steps each day and keep an eye on your performance while you work your way up. Features a single accelerometer sensor and the capability to count every step accurately, it also has the ability to separately count your normal steps and minutes along with the distance.

If you are jogging or simply taking a walk it will chart down those steps as moderate and so there won’t be any confusion of any kind regarding your performance.

It is absolutely not bulky and the clip holds tightly and comfortably.
It is easy to start with, you just unpack it set the current time and it is ready to use.

Its accuracy level is so high that it never over counts any kind of movement that can’t be considered as a step.

The screen is easy to see and the numbers are large and easy to monitor, so any questions regarding viewing difficulties doesn’t arise.

The size of this specific Omron pedometer model can prove to a negative factor, it is so small that there remains a chance of loosing it. Switching the battery can also be a hard one as it will require something small enough that would help un-screwing the screws.




If we go over the pros and cons it gets pretty easy to understand that Omron pedometers are rich with quality and style with a few drawbacks. Also they are made available in such affordable prices that if you are serious about this it would make a perfect addition.

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