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Step Counter Pedometer will count your steps

Pedometers can help to keep a track of the number of steps taken by a person during exercise or even during his or her normal routine. They say that the ideal number of steps for a person per day has to be in the region of ten thousand, and properly measuring these through a step counter pedometer, can help a person keep track.

The Advantages of a Simple Step Pedometer

Such a step pedometer can even be worn on a belt and can be comfortable, as long as you do not become self conscious about wearing it constantly. Most step pedometers are fairly economical, very simple and convenient to carry because of their low weight. A step counter pedometer gives you constant feedback on the number of steps taken, and once a routine is formed to refer to it at certain times of the day, it is always easy to take corrective action to increase the number of steps during a working day. Simply stopping the use of elevators, walking down stairs, or going for walks during slack periods at the office can help to increase the steps that you take towards maintaining good health. And the best way to keep track of this constantly is by using a step pedometer.

How to Pick the Right Model

If you attend health fairs, it is almost certain that some of the stalls will be giving away step pedometers for free. These may serve a limited purpose, but spending up to $25 on a good model can make for a sensible investment. The pedometer that you buy must be able to distinguish between movement and actual steps, as other wise even the daily commute to work can get logged on. There are models that can also calculate distance and estimate calories burned, but this information is not really of much use. On the contrary look for models that have displays that are easily read, even while you are walking. The convenience of carrying it is another factor you need to consider. You can get models that can be attached to shoes, while others may have clips or be models that can be slipped into a pocket. When you buy a step counter pedometer test it by taking a fixed number of steps and ensuring that your pedometer model records it correctly.

The Proper Use of a Step Counter Pedometer

Before you decide on any walking program wear the pedometer for several days and establish a baseline for yourself that takes care of your normal daily routine. Once this is done, set up a goal for the next few weeks that you think you can easily achieve, and yet go closer to the ultimate target that you want to reach. While most experts recommend ten thousand steps it ultimately depends on your own lifestyle and what you are comfortable with. Move towards any target gradually, so that at no time do you feel frustrated at not being able to achieve what you are aiming for.

The use of a step counter pedometer can ensure a faithful record of the number of steps taken by a person during a daily routine. This can be used as a stepping stone towards attaining better health.

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