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If you are looking for a low-impact exercise that you can perform daily which will not harm your joints and will allow you to lose weight over time, walking on a daily basis can be the perfect exercise for you. Whether you like to spend time walking outdoors or whether you want to walk on a treadmill, spending an hour or more per day of dedicated walking time can be the best low-impact exercise for you. But is there a way to measure all of the progress that you are making with your exercise? A device called a pedometer will measure the number of steps you take as well as documenting the total distance you have traveled in miles or kilometers. It can be a good idea to buy a pedometer if you want to have a complete record of the distance that you travel while you are exercising, so that you have something that you can show your doctor or something that you can upload to your computer to get a visual representation of your exercise progress.

A Yamax Pedometer models

The company Yamax offers a variety of different pedometer models that are very affordable for those people who are looking to buy a pedometer. According to different reviews of the Yamax pedometer, it is extremely accurate for taking a dedicated walk, but if you wear it all day then it can tend to overcount the total number of steps. This means it is the perfect exercise tool for those people who want to get their daily exercise by taking long walks and tally their total results over time. The Yamax pedometer is meant to be worn on the wasit on your pants or on your belt, as this is the location on your body that will provide the most accurate count for the total number of steps taken throughout the day or during a specific exercise period. Some of the most popular Yamax pedometer models to buy are the Yamax CW200 or the Yamax SW200, which are affordable, easy to use, and easy to read. Other models are slightly more expensive and they come with additional features such as a calorie counter and an increased accuracy percentage.

Another important reason you should consider buying a Yamax pedometer is that it can be a great tool for motivation when it comes to exercising, since all of your work will be documented. Keeping yourself motivated is a big part of fitness success, and by using a Yamax pedometer you will be able to set a daily goal for yourself and figure out exactly when you have reached your goal such as taking a certain number of steps per day. Many Yamax pedometers have the built-in benchmark of 10,000 steps per day because this is a number that is used by many fitness experts to define an active lifestyle. If you want to see real progress towards your fitness goals then you should seriously considering purchasing a Yamax pedometer that you can use as a step counting device to document your progress.

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